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Awesome Ants is mostly about _______.
a) how a queen ant runs the colony
b) how ants build a colony
c) the amazing lives of ants
d) how to make an ant farm

Antennae help ants to _______.
a) climb things
b) lift things
c) smell things
d) dig up things

Which detail is most important to the section Let's Talk?
a) Ants communicate with touch, sound, and smell.
b) Ants can lift more than twenty times their weight.
c) Ants have six legs and body parts.
d) Worker ants find food and protect the nest.

In the author's opinion, ________.
a) ants are dangerous, and you should stay away from them
b) everyone should have an ant farm
c) ants are amazing and interesting insects
d) ants are fragile and need protection

What happens when an ant finds food?
a) It stands next to the food and waits for the other ants.
b) It lays down a trail of chemicals for the other ants to follow.
c) It makes a loud noise and does a dance.
d) It gets the queen to carry back the food.

Which sentence from the book could be thought of as an opinion?
a) Ant colonies are filled with activity.
b) All the ants in the colony are related.
c) Some queens can lay thousands of eggs every day.
d) You'll understand just how awesome they are.

Which of the following is not true of soldier ants or worker ants?
a) They find food for other ants.
b) They protect the nest.
c) They are usually seen above ground.
d) They take care of the young.

The main way ants communicate is by ________.
a) talking
b) smell
c) sound
d) touch

If two living things are related, they are __________.
a) in the same family
b) metting for the first time
c) enemies
d) interested in the same things

How do some ants solve the body problem of crossing over a body of water?
a) The go underwater and swim across.
b) They cannot cross the water.
c) They build bridges with their bodies or float across.
d) They run and jump across.

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