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Which condition helped the United Kingdom become a leader in world trade?
a) It is an island with a mild climate located near many other countries.
b) Two percent of the people are farmers, and there is a lot of arable land.
c) It is home to the world’s busiest airport and has seven other large airports.
d) Urban areas are heavily populated, and most jobs are found in the urban areas.

Why is it so surprising that the U.K. has such a mild climate?
a) It is very far north.
b) The ocean is always warm.
c) People in the U.K. like snowy winters.
d) It is warmer in northern parts of the world.

What causes the U.K. to have an unusually mild climate?
a) the mountains in the southeast
b) snowfall that is not very deep
c) the Scottish highlands
d) the Gulf Stream

Which condition keeps Russia’s natural resources from being used?
a) lack of workers
b) harsh climate
c) no market for them
d) no government funding

With its long northern coastline, what makes shipping in Russia so difficult?
a) Manufactured goods and people prefer to travel by train.
b) The Volga River is used only for hydroelectric power, not for shipping.
c) The northern ports are blocked by ice much of the year.
d) Cruise ships bringing tourists to St. Petersburg take up much of the harbor.

Which area of Russia is a major center for trade?
a) Siberia
b) Asian Russia
c) St. Petersburg
d) European Russia

How do the ports of the United Kingdom and Russia differ?
a) The ports of the United Kingdom are open year round, and Russia’s are not.
b) Russia has no port cities, while the United Kingdom is an island with many.
c) There is no difference in the year-round use of the ports in the United Kingdom and Russia
d) The ports of the United Kingdom are influenced by a mild climate, but Russia’s ports are all subtropical.

Which natural resources are found in both Russia and the United Kingdom?
a) coal
b) gold
c) forests
d) hydroelectric power

In what way are London and St. Petersburg alike?
a) Both are centers for trade.
b) Both are ocean port cities.
c) Both are capitals of their countries.
d) Both are the largest city in the country.

Where do most of Russia's people live?
a) Siberia
b) Western Russia (European Russia)
c) Eastern Russia (Asian Russia)
d) Northern Russia

What's the biggest problem that the United Kingdom has with it's arable land?
a) There is not enough rainfall.
b) There is not enough of it.
c) There is too much rainfall.
d) The land is too dry.

What part of Russia is know for it's extreme weather?
a) Siberia
b) Moscow
c) St. Petersberg
d) London

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