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Mary is affected greatly by her ___________________, which dictate how she treats the Aborigine boy.
a) Connotative meaning
b) External conflict
c) Cultural influences
d) Omniscient point of view

An archetype is ________________
a) A character, plot, or symbol that appears over and over again in literature
b) a reference to the future
c) fact-based
d) the opposite of what is expected

A norm is ____________.
a) What is considered normal in a society
b) A symbol or motif that appears over and over again in literature
c) a conflict with self
d) the author's opinion

Semicolons are used to join ____________________ clauses.
a) Dependent
b) Independent
c) Both independent and dependent
d) None of the above

Mary often struggles with whether to trust the bush boy. This is an example of _____________ conflict.
a) External
b) Internal
c) A character vs. character
d) A character vs. society

Mary and Peter struggle to survive in the desert. This is an example of __________ conflict
a) External
b) Internal
c) Flashback
d) Foreshadowing

A fragment is
a) an incomplete sentence
b) a run-on sentence
c) a comma splice
d) a complete sentence

What is situational irony?
a) When the opposite of what is expected occurs
b) A word's symbolic meaning
c) The definition of the word
d) An all-knowing narrator

What is an example of a symbol in Walkabout?
a) The mulga wood
b) The bush boy's dance
c) The bush boy's dance AND the mulga wood
d) Neither the bush boy's dance NOR the mulga wood

Which of the following is an objective statement?
a) The Earth revolves around the sun.
b) I think everyone should take a class on current events.
c) My sister is so annoying sometimes.
d) It was a heart-warming story.

Walkabout has an all-knowing narrator, also known as a ___________________ narrator.
a) First-person omniscient
b) Third-person omniscient
c) Second-person
d) Third-person limited

A symbol is
a) Something that represents something else
b) Something that offers a glimpse into the future
c) Something that allows the reader to see past events
d) Something that involves a conflict with outside forces

Omniscient narrators are ___________ ____________ narrators.
a) all-knowing
b) first-person
c) second-person
d) least-liked

Which of the following sentences is a subjective statement?
a) We were assigned homework in math.
b) She won the race.
c) My dog is not the best-behaved.
d) I have English after lunch.

By mentioning the promised land, Vance Marshall is making an ____________ to the bible.
a) Irony
b) Allusion
c) Connotation
d) Alliteration

A cultural influence is _________________
a) Something that shapes how a person acts or feels
b) a reference
c) A conflict outside your self
d) fact-based

Objective means
a) always being subjective
b) fact or opinion-based
c) opinion-based
d) fact-based

Some people believe that Vance Marshall uses _________________ when writing about the characteristics of women.
a) Omniscient point of view
b) Author bias
c) Text Structure
d) Denotation

Which of the following is an example of a flashback?
a) The bush boy helps Peter learn his language
b) The bush boy foresees his own death
c) Mary thinks back to the plane crash that landed her in the desert
d) All of the examples mentioned are examples of flashback

Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?
a) Mary vs. bush boy
b) Mary vs. Peter
c) Mary vs. her self
d) Characters vs Desert

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