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How is it possible for a patient to have surgery from a doctor in another state?
a) Telemedicine
b) Homeopathy
c) Home health care
d) acupuncture

Patricia has Meicare and geta a bill for $100.00 fir her X-ray. The bill says her insurance company paid $50.00 and her co-pay is $10.00. Since her insurance is a DRG, Who pays the extra $40.00?
a) The agency that took the X-ray
b) Patricia
c) Medicare
d) A supplemental insurance.

What three professionals would most likely provide home health care?
a) Nurse, dietician, physical therapist
b) Occupational therapist, optician, dentist
c) Dentist, dental hygienist, nurse
d) Medical lab tech, physician, psychologist

In order to get a job at a nursing home, you must comply with OBRA. What does this mean?
a) You must have taken a class and have a certificate to practice as a nursiong assistant
b) Make sure every CNA has a physical.
c) You must have refernces to get a job.
d) You must take a skill test before taking care of patients.

When a doctor spends a lot of time asking questions about your work, family, diet and exercise he/she is concerned about your:
a) Wellness
b) Self-control
c) Financial security
d) Respect for the health profession

What ancient philosophy developed in India is used to determine a person's predominant body type?
a) Ayurveda
b) Hypnosis
c) Biofeedback
d) Acupuncture

What alternative practitioner would most likely talk to you about your Chi?
a) Chinese
b) Homeopath
c) Chiropractor
d) Naturopath

What complementary practitioner might use his or her hands to realign bones in a person's back and restor the flow of energy?
a) Chiropractor
b) homeopath
c) hypnotist
d) naturopath

When a Governor talks about a law that would put a cap on malpractice lawsuit awards, he/she is talking about:
a) Cost containment
b) Complementary therapies
c) Geriatric care
d) Home health care

How would a person who believes in holistic health care, for a cold?
a) Chicken soup and rest
b) go to the doctor
c) go to the drug store
d) eat a balance of yin and yang

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