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Making good choices online is called
a) Digital Citizenship
b) Web Filter
c) Digital Footprint
d) Cyberbullying

AUP stands for
a) Ancient Underwear Police
b) Auditory User Privelages
c) Acceptable Use Policy
d) Acceptable User Privelages

Everything you do online can be traced and never fully goes away. This is called
a) Web Filter
b) Digital Footprint
c) AUP
d) Cyberbullying

Using the internet in school is a
a) Privelage
b) Right

A web filter is used for
a) Make sure you don't spend your parent's money on games
b) Stop you from cyberbullying your friends
c) Keeping your computer monitor clean
d) Keeping inappropriate websites and images off of your computer screen

Information that you should NEVER share with anyone online (Name, Address, Phone Number, School Name, etc)
a) AUP
b) Private Information
c) Web Filters
d) Contact List

It is okay to take pictures of your friends on the school field trip if you don't post them online
a) False
b) True

Saying mean things to others online is an example of
a) AUP
b) Web Filtering
c) Cyberbullying
d) Internet Safety

What to do if you encounter a cyber bully
a) Stop, Block, and Tell
b) Shake, Rattle, and Roll
c) Stop, Drop, and Roll
d) Hop, Skip, and Jump

Posting an embarassing photo of someone is not considered cyber bullying
a) False
b) True

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