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Ideas or actions to deal with a situation
a) approach
b) bias
c) distribute
d) explanation

An educated guess
a) issue
b) hypothesis
c) haphazard
d) construct

What is an issue?
a) to explain your understanding
b) without care
c) create by organizing ideas
d) some situation or event that is thought about

To spread items or ideas
a) distribute
b) explanation
c) bias
d) assess

Serena was speaking Spanish, so Mrs. H. had to _________________.
a) haphazard
b) bias
c) interpret
d) issue

Eli wanted to build a combine, so first he had to _______________ a plan.
a) hypothesis
b) bias
c) haphazard
d) construct

Brian just threw his football gear on the floor in a _______________ way.
a) haphazard
b) bias
c) explanation
d) interpret

Mrs. H. and Mrs. A. have a ___________ against drinking coffee.
a) interpret
b) bias
c) construct
d) approach

Dalton had a positive ________________ to how to deal with learning new tricks on his skateboard.
a) bias
b) approach
c) explanation
d) issue

Ashley P. tried to give an ________________ to Ashley M. to help her understand.
a) explanation
b) construct
c) issue
d) assess

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