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He wrote “Tristram Shandy”.
a) Laurence Sterme
b) Laurence Steme
c) Laurence Stem
d) Laurence Stemme

He was the most typical man of letters during his period.
a) George Harley
b) Thomas Marlow
c) Thomas Gray
d) George Belly

This is written with a sense of elegance and a style which emphasize charm.
a) Cavalier Poetry
b) Melodrama
c) Poem
d) Tragic

What century did they celebrate the excellent of human mind?
a) 16th Century
b) 17th Century
c) 18th Century
d) 19th Century

Who wrote the prose masterpiece of the century “The Pilgrim’s Progress” (1678)?
a) Oliver Cromwell
b) Nick Joaquin
c) John Bunyan
d) John Melton

Is one of the supreme achievements of the English Renaissance and made by 47 scholars?
a) The King James Bible
b) William Shakespeare
c) Dr. Faustus
d) Elizabeth I

Who is the great genius of the Elizabeth Age (1564 – 1616) He wrote more than 35 plays?
a) Elizabeth I
b) Volpone
c) Faerie Queene
d) William Shakespeare

The ___________ changed the interpretation of the relation of the individual Christian to the church and God.
a) King James Bible
b) Ben Johnson
c) Reformation
d) Humanists

Who is the inventor of printing through movable types?
a) Christopher Marlow
b) Gutenberg
c) Dr. Faustus
d) Edmund Spencer

The word means rebirth and refers especially to the revival of ancient of Greek learning.
a) Renaissance
b) Humanists
c) Revival
d) New Land

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