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Why was Sunny so upset while walking to the bus stop with Hillary?
a) Her cat ran away.
b) She wants to go to the new school not stay at the old.
c) She and Hillary got into a big fight.
d) She wants to go to the same school as Hillary.

What is Sunny's plan when she gets to the new school?
a) To make as many friends as she possibly can.
b) Make sure she signs up for all the cool clubs at school.
c) To get kick out so she can go back to her old school.
d) Make sure her and Eddie eat lunch and have all the same classes together.

What mood was Eddie in when he first got onto the school bus?
a) He was really nervous about his first day at a new school.
b) He was in a good mood and was looking for to a new year.
c) He was hungry because he forgot to eat breakfast.
d) He was really tired because he didn't get any sleep the night before.

What did the 8th grade throw when the 7th graders wanted their football back on the bus?
a) the football
b) some dirty socks
c) Sunny
d) Eddie

What was Salem most proud of?
a) The commercial she starred in on TV.
b) Having the lead in the school play.
c) The book that she wrote.
d) Winning a hot dog eating contest.

Why was the bus driver so angry?
a) He needed to get going and Eddie wouldn't get off the bus.
b) None of the students would get quiet.
c) He got lost on his way to the new school.
d) He stepped on some gum.

How did Pickles get that nickname?
a) He eats pickles everyday for lunch.
b) His nose looks like a pickle.
c) He hid pickles around the yard instead of eggs at Easter.
d) He decorated a Christmas tree with pickles.

What was the girls name that called Mr. Brimlow butthead?
a) Kelly Moonshine Wright
b) Elizabeth Sunshine Wyler
c) Suzy Star Welch
d) Tara Cloudy Wenn

What was Sunny writing out in Math class that was so tiny?
a) her name
b) all her answers
c) multiplication tables
d) her word problems

In the story that Sunny made up how did her brother lose his nose?
a) It got knocked off by the car door.
b) A cherry bomb blew of off.
c) He got so sick it got infected and fell off.
d) He fell of his bike and it scraped off on the road.

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