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Which of the following was the immediate cause of World War I?
a) rival alliances
b) assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
c) competition for empires
d) rise of militarism

In the years leading up to World War I, European nations formed alliances to achieve ________.
a) neutrality
b) a balance of trade
c) arms control
d) a balance of power

The Central Powers of WWI included all of the following nations EXCEPT _____.
a) Germany
b) the Ottoman Empire
c) France
d) Austria-Hungary

The US entered WWI on the side of the Allies because ________.
a) the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
b) British requests for troops
c) a long-standing alliance with France
d) attacks on American ships by German U-boats

Most of the battles in the Middle East during World War I took place in ________.
a) Egypt
b) the Ottoman Empire
c) Bulgaria
d) Persia

In 1917 Russia pulled out of World War I because of what event?
a) heavy defeats by the Allies
b) a civil war within Russia
c) defeat of Russia by the Germans
d) a declaration of peace by Czar Nicholas II

Members of the Big Four included all of the following EXCEPT _____.
a) President Woodrow Wilson of the United States
b) Premier Georges Clemenceau of France
c) Prime Minister David Lloyd George of Great Britain
d) Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany

The Fourteen Points written by Woodrow Wilson called for ______.
a) heavy war payments by Germany
b) US occupation of Germany
c) creation of a League of Nations
d) secret alliances among the Allies

Which of the following disappeared from the world map at the end of WWI?
a) Austria-Hungary
b) Poland
c) Yugoslavia
d) Czechoslovakia

How did most people acquire their stocks in the 1920s?
a) using credit cards
b) putting them on an installment plan
c) paying for them in cash
d) buying them on margin

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