8th Grade Chapters 1 And 3 Test Question Preview (ID: 20949)

First Humans And Mesopotamia.[print questions]

Scientists who find and study the bones of people who lived thousands of years ago
a) Archaeologists
b) Biologists
c) Anthropologists
d) Paleontologists

The first humans were found on what continent?
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) Europe
d) Australia

Humans in the Stone age spent most of their time
a) Building civilizations
b) Forming written laws
c) hunting and gathering for food
d) building farms and villages

How did the agricultural revolution change the way people got their food?
a) They did not have to move from place to place anymore to search for food
b) They documented the seasons so they knew where to find their food
c) They learned how to grow food and tame animals
d) They gave people certain jobs

Most early civilizations were built near
a) mountains
b) animal migration patterns
c) rivers
d) oceans

Mesopotamia means
a) land of Fertile Crescent
b) land between two oceans
c) land between two mountains
d) land between two rivers

What two rivers surrounded the Fertile Crescent?
a) Tigris and Euphrates
b) Tigris and Nile
c) Euphrates and Nile
d) Tigers and Euphrates

Who were the first people to live in Mesopotamia
a) Sumerians
b) Babylonians
c) Egyptians
d) Spartans

What did the king of Babylon create to keep people under control?
a) Babylonian Code of Law
b) Code of Hammurabi
c) Laws of Hammurabi
d) Laws of Babylon

Who conquered the Summerians?
a) Egyptians
b) Spartans
c) Persians
d) Babylonians

towns or cities that rule themselves and the land around them
a) city-states
b) countries
c) civilizations
d) classes

a group of people that have a written law and government
a) city-state
b) civilizations
c) classes
d) countries

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