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A push or pull is called
a) force
b) motion
c) walking
d) moving

James combines all the forces acting on a tennis ball. He is finding the
a) inertia
b) net force
c) gravity
d) friction

Janet is sliding a box across the floor. What does she need to know to calculate the force on the box?
a) mass and acceleration
b) velocity and mass
c) mass and inertia
d) fricition and gravity

Inertia is the resistance of an object to a change in its
a) gravity
b) mass
c) motion
d) acceleration

A soccer player kicks a ball that is at rest. What do you predict will happen?
a) The ball will accelerate in the same direction as the applied force.
b) The ball will accelerate in the direction opposite the applied force.
c) The ball will lose momentum.
d) The ball will not move.

According to Newton's second law of motion, force equals mass times
a) acceleration
b) inertia
c) gravity
d) force

When you push on a door, the door pushes back with an equal and opposite force. These two forces are known as
a) action/reaction pair
b) motion/inertia
c) balanced/unbalanced pairs
d) mass and velocity

The momentum of an object is the product of its
a) mass and acceleration
b) mass and velocity
c) inertia and mass
d) net force and mass

Which of the following is an example of zero net force applied to an object?
a) a rope pulled equally from opposite ends
b) a skier moving down a mountain with increasing speed
c) a car turning left without changing speed
d) a ball being hit into the outfield with a bat

Newton's first law describes the tendency of objects to resist a change in motion. This resistance is also called
a) inertia
b) mass
c) gravity
d) force

Centripetal force keeps an object moving in a circle. This force points
a) toward the middle of the circle
b) outward of the circle
c) away from the circle
d) upward from the circle

. A bowling ball rolls down the lane and hits some pins before rolling off the lane. What happens to the momentum of the ball as it hits the pins?
a) Some of the ball's momentum is transferred to the pins.
b) The pins stop the ball from rolling farther.
c) All of the ball's momentum is transferred to the pins.
d) . None of the ball's momentum is transferred to the pins

Conservation of momentum occurs only when there are
a) no outside forces
b) balanced and unbalanced force pairs
c) gravity and friction
d) mass and inertia

The action force of a golf club hitting a ball accelerates the ball in one direction. Predict the direction in which the reaction force accelerates the club.
a) upward away from the action force
b) at right angles to the action force
c) in the same direction
d) in the opposite direction

You are standing in a crowded city bus. As the bus begins to move forward, you have a tendency to fall backward. Which of the following best explains this motion?
a) A. When the bus is still, both you and the bus are at rest. As the bus moves forward, you stay at rest, resulting in a tenden
b) B. Your lesser mass causes you to be moved more easily. Thus, the force of the bus on you moves you backward
c) C. The motion is a result of action/reaction pairs. The forward motion of the bus causes an equal and opposite reaction of yo
d) D. The motion is a result of balanced forces. The motion of the bus forward balances a backward force on you.

Which has the greatest inertia?
a) a cart loaded with large books
b) a car sitting at a traffic light
c) a jumbo jet airplane taxiing down a runway
d) a baseball traveling at 95 mi/h

The motion of an object can be changed by a(n)
a) balanced force
b) net force equal to zero
c) unbalanced force
d) large velocity

The child flying forward in a car accident because of less mass is an example of which law
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

A child flying forward in a car accident because of staying in motion when the car hits is an example of which law
a) 1st law
b) 2nd law
c) 3rd law

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