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Which function will calculate how much time has elapsed since a customer's payment was received?
a) Count
b) CountA
c) Days360
d) Now

Which function will calculate your final grade if your exam counts 25%, your test grades count 25%, and your daily work counts 50%?
a) Average
b) If
c) Max
d) Min

What formula will divide E5 by E6?
a) =E5/E6
b) =E6;E5
c) =E6/E5
d) =E6;E5

A spreadsheet is created with drop down items a user can select from, this is an example of which function?
a) Count
b) Fill series
c) List
d) Look up

Which is a function of excel?
a) FUN
b) SUM

Which is a formula to multiply two cells in EXCEL?
a) D6+D7
b) D6*D7
c) =D6*D7
d) D6xD7

Which of the following in an example of the correct format for adding data from two cells together?
a) A5-C6
b) =A5+A6
c) =A5-A6
d) A5A6

Which is not a use of spreadsheets for businesses?
a) To organize data
b) To calculate costs
c) To calculate revenue(Money)
d) To post phone numbers

Which function can an accountant use that will result in the current date?
a) Count
b) CountA
c) Max
d) Now

Which function will be used to find how many cells have an actual number in them?
a) Count
b) Days360
c) Now
d) Min

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