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By 1914, imperial powers controlled a major portion of the world. All of the following were generally true of imperial colonial policies EXCEPT _______.
a) they improved transportation
b) they built schools and hospitals
c) they treated native people as equals
d) they flooded markets with cheap manufactured goods

Many people bitterly debated imperialism. Who supported the policy?
a) Jane Addams
b) Rudyard Kipling
c) William Jennings Bryan
d) Emilio Aguinaldo

The Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in China took place in different lands, but the rebellions shared something in common. What was it?
a) They both resisted foreign influence.
b) They both supported the spread of Christianity.
c) They both opposed traditional cultures.
d) They both resulted in more democratic governments.

At the end of the Sepoy Rebellion, Britain ______.
a) increased the powers of the East India Company
b) made India a British protectorate
c) placed India under indirect British rule
d) appointed a viceroy to rule in the monarch's name

What change took place in the Japanese economy during the Meiji rule?
a) Japanese exports only doubled.
b) Japan exported more than it imported.
c) Japanese trade increased by over 400 percent.
d) Japan took a long time to modernize.

In building its empire, Japan won all of the following from China EXCEPT ____.
a) the Ryuku islands
b) Port Arthur, Manchuria
c) Formosa (Taiwan)
d) Mongolia

After the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, Japan _________.
a) became a world power.
b) was a defeated nation
c) had a smaller empire
d) lost Korea to Russia

All of the following nations established a sphere of influence in China EXCEPT _____.
a) Russia
b) Great Britain
c) the United States
d) Japan

During the Zulu War of 1879, the Zulu fought and were defeated by the ______.
a) Dutch
b) Portuguese
c) British
d) Boers

What is the term that means the right to choose your own government?
a) sovereignty
b) viceroy
c) sepoy
d) policy

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