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kind of place where an animal lives
a) habitat
b) mammary glands
c) carnivore
d) herbivore

largest group of mammals
a) deer
b) rodents
c) bovids
d) canines

mammals who feed on insects
a) omnivores
b) carnivores
c) herbivores
d) insectivores

a marsupial
a) wombat
b) monkey
c) ape
d) gorilla

mammal that flies
a) squirrel
b) bat
c) chimpanzee
d) cheetah

a feline
a) cougar
b) rabbit
c) wombat
d) squirrel

largest deer
a) white-tail
b) reindeer
c) moose
d) caribou

padded cushion on a horse foot
a) nail
b) hoof
c) shock absorber
d) frog

a) tamed
b) no longer exists
c) chews cud
d) has a pouch

Lays eggs
a) echidna
b) deer
c) moose
d) blubber

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