English IV List 3 Question Preview (ID: 20931)

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to beg, plead
a) hoard
b) plagiarize
c) surmise
d) entreat

a loyal follower
a) minion
b) kindred
c) kinsmen
d) surmise

scarred or maimed
a) marred
b) intransigent
c) eviscerated
d) undaunted

to pour out
a) belie
b) fetter
c) decant
d) kinsmen

to make a guess based on evidence
a) deign
b) surmise
c) embellish
d) belie

not afraid
a) hoard
b) lavish
c) surmise
d) undaunted

to wave a weapon in the air
a) decant
b) plagiarize
c) brandish
d) embellish

a sign foretelling the future
a) omen
b) undaunted
c) tribute
d) pyre

to rip out the 'guts' of a plan or idea
a) intransigent
b) eviscerate
c) plight
d) hoard

to look down upon with contempt
a) fealty
b) lavish
c) marred
d) disdain

short, abrupt
a) kinsmen
b) pyre
c) curtly
d) disdain

deceitful in appearance
a) belie
b) decant
c) marred
d) fetter

payment to a greater force to avoid punishment or war
a) hoard
b) tribute
c) deign
d) omen

a sad predicament
a) plight
b) pyre
c) fetter
d) deign

of similar nature
a) disdain
b) intransigent
c) kindred
d) kinsmen

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