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The USA and ______ were fighting again in ____?
a) Great Britain, 1812
b) Great Britain, 1821
c) Georgia, 1814
d) Georgia, 1841

Who was the ruler that started the war with France in 1803
a) George
b) Napoleon
c) Nicholas
d) James

When American ships were captured, the U.S. wanted what
a) Justice
b) Equality
c) Freedom of Sea
d) Revenge

The war from Freedom of the Sea was called
a) War of 1821
b) War of 1218
c) War of 1281
d) War of 1812

Who was President during the War
a) Lincoln
b) Jefferson
c) Washington
d) Madison

The U.S. tried to capture who, because they belonged to Britian
a) Canada
b) Italy
c) France
d) Mexico

What location did Britain burn
a) Virginia
b) Washington
c) New York
d) Boston

Who was the first lady at this time
a) Dolley Madison
b) Martha Stuart
c) Betty Crocker
d) Molly Pitcher

Francis Scott Key wrote what song
a) My Country tis of the
b) America the Beautiful
c) The Star-Spangled Banner
d) America the Great

What was the results of the war of 1812
a) No Changes
b) US and Britain never fought again
c) Others knew the USA was strong
d) All - A, B, and C

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