English 2 Unit 1 Review Question Preview (ID: 20927)

Suffixes, Prefixes, Roots.[print questions]

In the word REPLAY, what is the prefix?
a) play
b) pl
c) ay
d) re

In the word TEACHER, the ER at the end of the word means
a) without
b) full of
c) act of, process of
d) one who

In the word PLENTIFUL, the FUL at the end of the word means
a) without
b) two things are being compared
c) full of
d) person connected with

In the word SUBWAY, SUB means
a) before
b) under
c) began
d) not

In the word NONSENSE, NON is a
a) prefix
b) suffix
c) root word
d) non of the above

The root of the word REFLECT is
a) flect
b) ct
c) re
d) ect

The suffix TION/ATION means
a) before
b) act, process
c) compares two things
d) full of

The prefix DIS means
a) wrongly
b) not, opposite of
c) one who
d) again

What is the root of the word DICTATE? di c. te d. dict
a) ate
b) di
c) te
d) dict

The root word BIO means
a) earth
b) life
c) bend
d) build

The suffix IBLE/ABLE means
a) without
b) one who
c) person connected with
d) can be done

What is the root word in the word VISUAL?
a) vi
b) al
c) vis
d) ual

What does the prefix MIS mean?
a) wrongly
b) under
c) again
d) before

What does the root word CRED mean?
a) speak
b) life
c) believe
d) build

The suffix LY means
a) not
b) without
c) full of
d) characteristic of

What is the prefix in the word IMPROPER?
a) . prop
b) im
c) er
d) proper

The suffix LESS means
a) without
b) compares two things
c) characteristic of
d) can be done

What is the root word in MONOLOGUE?
a) mo
b) ue
c) logue
d) mono

Which word has the correct prefix?
a) incomplete .
b) illcomplete
c) discomplete
d) miscomplete

What does the root word TRACT mean?
a) pull
b) earth
c) bend
d) turn

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