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A circle that has two lower case letter c's in it means
a) creative commons
b) copyright
c) public domain
d) attribution

If a you find something online that is ________ __________, then you can use it without giving credit.
a) Expensive
b) Copyright
c) Plagiarism
d) Public Domain

A type of license that allows you to use another person's work as long as you follow their set of rules is called
a) Copyright
b) Creative Commons
c) Plagiarism
d) Public Domain

If you use someone else's work without permission it is called
a) Plagiarism
b) Copyright
c) Creative Commons
d) Public Domin

What can happen to you if you are a cyber bully?
a) You could face criminal charges
b) You will make lots of friends
c) You will make your friends laugh
d) You will make people feel good about themselves

What should you do if you get to computer class and your computer is logged in as someone else?
a) Get right to work
b) Log out and log back in as yourself
c) Turn your computer off and leave the room
d) Delete all of the persons files on their Number drive

Everything that you do online NEVER goes away. This is called your
a) Internet History
b) Digital Footprint
c) Permanent Record
d) Spyware

Saying mean things to someone online is an example of
a) Spyware
b) Internet Predators
c) Digital Footprint
d) Cyberbullying

Making good choices while on the internet is called
a) Digital Citizenship
b) Cyberbullying
c) Web Filter
d) Private Information

Can you take pictures of your friends on a field trip if you promise not to post them on the internet?
a) No
b) yes

A web filter is used to
a) Keep dust out of your monitor
b) Keep your keyboard from getting dirty
c) Block you from cyberbullying your classmates
d) Keep inappropriate images or websites from showing up on your screen

Using the Internet at school is a
a) Right
b) Privilege

Information that you should NEVER share online. (Name, School, Address, etc)
a) Private Information
b) Contact List
c) Cyberbullying
d) Web Surfing

What shouldnyou do if you are contacted by a cyberbully?
a) Stop, Drop, and Roll
b) Shake, Rattle, and Roll
c) Stop, Block, and Tell
d) Hop, Skip, and Jump

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