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A place where a group of people live or work together is called
a) A state
b) A community
c) a business
d) a school

An ethnic group helps its community because
a) it brings some of its culture to the community
b) it shares the same language
c) it holds its own celebrations
d) its customs are different from those of other members of the community

Many people want to live in a community with a downtown area or business center because
a) it has a lot of buildings
b) it has a lot of scenery
c) they can live near their work
d) there are many ways to get to work

A holiday that is celebrated in Eagle, Colorado, that has to do with the customs of that community
a) May Day
b) Labor Day
c) Flight Days
d) Eagle Day

Living in a community helps people save time because
a) the different jobs that people do help all citizens meet their needs.
b) it is easier for people to find work in a community
c) each person is responsible for meeting all of his or her won needs.
d) there are more natural resources available

Schools and libraries are important to the citizens of every community because
a) they are found in downtown areas
b) poeple can use them for free
c) they have lots of books
d) they are places where people can learn

One responsibility of every citizen is to
a) remain calm
b) listen to the news
c) be courteous
d) obey laws

Paying a fine, getting hurt, and going to jail are all
a) ways to keep people in a community safe
b) consequences people might face for breaking a law
c) examples of community laws
d) things people in a community need

The leader whose job is to see that a community's problems are solved is the
a) governor
b) judge
c) mayor
d) sheriff

To keep their community a safe a peaceful place to live, people need
a) to go to school
b) to read the newpaper
c) to have better jobs
d) to cooperate with one another

Work that someone does for someone else is a
a) culture
b) service
c) supply
d) goods

The _____________________of a group is made up of the customs and beliefs that its members share.
a) ethnic
b) community
c) culture
d) holiday

Things that can be bought or sold are called
a) service
b) supplies
c) goods
d) culture

Which is not a step to solving a problem
a) identify the problem
b) tell an adult
c) think about possible solutions
d) Choose the best solution

Why is it important for people of a community to act responsibly?
a) So the community will be safe
b) So the community will be peaceful
c) Because it is our duty as citizens of the community
d) All of the Above

What is a way that a citizen can act responsibly?
a) To act fair, right, and honest.
b) by understanding and obeying the laws
c) work hard and treat others kindly.
d) All of the above.

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