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Animal Adaptations, Behaviors, And Characteristics. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

A bat is one of the only flying mammals. This ability helps it to do which of the following?
a) flee from its enemies
b) hang upside down
c) live in dark places
d) hide from predators

If a snake were outside on a cool, cloudy day when the temperature was under 20 degrees Celsius, it would probably exhibit which type of behavior?
a) slow and sluggish
b) quick and alert
c) angry and aggressive
d) A snake cannot survive if the temperature outside is lower than its body temperature.

If the temperature outside rose from 20 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius, the body temperature of a snake would
a) rise with the outside temperature.
b) rise to well over 45 degrees.
c) remain at 20 degrees.
d) remain at its permanent body temperature at 30 degrees.

Even as the temperature changes, the body temperature of a cheetah remains fairly constant. This is because the cheetah is what kind of animal?
a) endothermic
b) ectothermic
c) cold-blooded
d) invertebrate

Aside from panting, which of the following is a natural physical response (not behavioral) that is intended to keep a doge from getting overheated?
a) shedding its fur
b) jumping in a lake
c) going to sleep
d) laying down in the shade

Which of the following responses in a dog serves the OPPOSITE purpose as panting?
a) shivering
b) stretching
c) shedding
d) growling

Which of the following stimuli would prompt a bee to use its stinger?
a) danger
b) a change in temperature
c) an injury
d) lack of food

Hibernation is a response to which of the following environmental stimuli?
a) cold weather
b) danger
c) other animals
d) hot weather

In some animals, migration is a behavioral response to cold weather. Why is this response helpful to the animal?
a) It moves them to a warmer area where food is more abundant.
b) It moves them to a warmer area where there are fewer predators.
c) It moves them to a colder area where food is more abundant.
d) It moves them to a colder area where there are fewer predators.

Elephants, Penguins, Gorillas, Cows, Sea gulls, Whales
a) endotherms
b) mammals
c) ectotherms
d) land-dwelling animals

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