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Which resource below is an abiotic factor?
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Decomposers
d) Temperature

The symbiotic relationship term used to describe when one organism benefits from the relationship and the other does not benefit nor is harmed.
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Parasitsm
d) Predator/Prey

Artificial reefs help the marine ecosystem by:
a) Providing more oxygen
b) Providing shelter
c) Providing less protection for small fish
d) Allowing for areas of oil drilling

In a predator/prey graph, the predator line -
a) Follows the prey line and shows smaller numbers of organisms.
b) Leads the prey line and shows smaller numbers of organisms.
c) Follows the prey line and shows larger numbers of organisms.
d) Leads the prey line and shows larger numbers of organisms.

Invasive species usually do well in an ecosystem because-
a) They are better adapted for the new habitat.
b) They have no predators.
c) They are stronger and faster.
d) They are smarter.

How much energy gets passed upward, in a food pyramid, from one trophic level to the next?
a) 100%
b) 1%
c) 10%
d) 1000%

Bacteria are important in a food web. They are called -
a) Decomposers
b) Producers
c) Consumers
d) Predators

A tapeworm grows in the intestines of a pig. The pig is the -
a) Host
b) Parasite
c) Predator
d) Producer

An ecosystem is able to sustain 5 black bears. The number of black bears is called the -
a) limiting factor
b) carrying capacity
c) biotic number
d) ecosystem gradient

Water flows from a power plant and into a river. The water is warm and kills off life in a section of river. This type of pollution is called-
a) Thermal Pollution
b) Air Pollution
c) Organism Pollution
d) Biotic Pollution

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