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Who said, 'of the people, by the people, and for the people.'
a) Abraham Lincoln
b) Thomas Edision
c) Theodore Roosevelt
d) George Washington Carver

Who is Madam C.J. Walker?
a) started a beauty products business
b) helped create several national parks
c) set up a laboratory to work on inventions
d) dedicated her life to proteting the Everglades

Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) trees
b) gasoline
c) steel
d) gold

Which term describes how much there is of a product and how much of it people will buy?
a) supply and demand
b) free enterprise and entrepreneur
c) economy and profit
d) import and export

According to the United States constituiton, who runs the government?
a) the people
b) the President
c) women
d) leaders

What BEST describes a democracy?
a) The people have the power to make decisions about government.
b) It existst only in the United States.
c) All voters must speak in public.
d) All voters vote for every change the government makes.

Which describes people who come to live in the United States from all over the world?
a) immigrant
b) citizens
c) cultures
d) census

What is one reason the United States is so varied?
a) People moved here from all over the world.
b) Much of our land was a gift from France.
c) It is a large country, with many different landforms.
d) There were two main ports of entry into the United States.

Where would you find the phrase E Pluribus Unum?
a) Coins display this saying
b) In the pledge of allegience
c) Written on the American flag
d) at every national park

What is the meaning of E Pluribus Unum?
a) out of many, one
b) everyone should learn Latin
c) American share many things
d) of the people, by the people

What is a consumer?
a) People who buy or use goods.
b) people who start businesses
c) people who own private property
d) people who earn money

How do farmers grow crops in the dry southwest region?
a) Irrigation helped to grow corn and beans.
b) They grown only small amounts of green beans.
c) People move north to plant crops.
d) They have plenty of flat ladn to grow crops

Where are the busiest port cities in the United States?
a) the south east
b) the midwest
c) the south west
d) the northeast

A written plan of government...
a) constitution
b) repubic
c) democrcacy
d) import

Which of the following is not a responsibility of a United States citizen?
a) freedom of religion
b) paying taxes
c) serving on a jury
d) obey the laws

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