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Which has three polysaccharides?
a) starch, galactose, cellulose
b) cellulose, glycogen, and starch
c) fructose, starch, glucose
d) ribose, galactose, fructose

Which of these is not a functiono of lipids in living things?
a) Absorbing shocks
b) energy storage
c) increasing desiccation (drying out)
d) membrane structure

Starch is _______.
a) fiber-like structural material used in plant cell walls
b) the plant's storage for of energy
c) a type of disaccharide
d) the animal short-term storage form of energy.

What makes amino acids different from each other?
a) the number of aminos
b) the number of hydrogens
c) The number of side chains
d) the number of carboxyls

What is the structure of a fatty acid?
a) an alcohol with three carbons
b) short hydrocarbon chain with an alcohol
c) long hydrocarbon chains with a carboxyl group at one end
d) three carbons with hydroxide at the end

All of these are what differentiate saturated and unsaturated fats except ----.
a) the number of double bonds
b) whether they are found in animal or plant fats
c) the solidity or liquidity
d) the types of molecules

How many polypeptide chains are needed to make up 17 proteins?
a) less than 8 polypeptide chains
b) 17 or more polypeptide chains
c) exactly 29 polypeptide chains
d) polypeptides do not make up proteins

Chitin can be found in ----.
a) tree bark
b) the arthropod exoskeleton
c) animal cell membranes
d) human hair

Which does not affect a protein?
a) pH
b) amino acids
c) temperature
d) salinity

Which is the correct explanation for the secondary structure of proteins?
a) The unique sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide
b) The overall protein structure that results from the aggregation of two or more polypeptide subunits
c) The folding of coiling of polypeptide into a repeating configuration resulting from hydrogen bondy of amino w/ carboxl groups
d) The overall three-dimensional shape of a polypeptide

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