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What is it called when prejudge someone just based on their actions or appearance?
a) Wrong wall
b) Count the Cost
c) Negative Labels
d) It's all over syndrome

Know how much you will have to change and do extra to meet the goal is also known a what key for goal setting.
a) Just do it
b) Count the cost
c) Put it in pen
d) Rope up

Once you say that you commit, it is very hard to quit is the meaning behind what key for goal setting?
a) Just do it
b) Count the cost
c) Put it in pen
d) Rope up

Method for creating a mission statement that is really a joke but, reminds us to not over think what we should put in our mission statements.
a) Quote Collection
b) Just Do it
c) The Big Lazy
d) Brain Dump

When you feel that you have made so many mistakes that it cannot be fixed.
a) Negative labels
b) It's all over syndrome
c) Wrong wall
d) Count the cost

This is when you accomplish more by borrowing the strength of others and tell others about your goals.
a) Rope up
b) Just do it
c) Retreat
d) Use momentous people

A personal credo or motto that states what your life is about.
a) goal
b) great discovery
c) mission statement
d) destiny

Examples of this key for goal setting would be, birth, death, and new school year.
a) Rope Up
b) Use momentous moments
c) Count the cost
d) Just do it

When preparing for writing our mission statements, what was the name of the method where you collect one to five of your favorite quotes?
a) The retreat
b) The big lazy
c) Quote collection
d) 5 important things to me

Go for the Goal was a section in the 7 Habits book that gave us 5 keys to goal setting. Which of the following was the name for when we choose to write the goal down so it will make your wishes more permanent?
a) Just do it
b) Put it in Pen
c) Count the Cost
d) Use momentous moments

Which of the following is not one of the three watch outs?
a) No plans allowed
b) Negative labels
c) It's all over syndrome
d) Wrong wall

What is called when we work really hard to get something you wanted only when you got it, you felt empty inside?
a) No plans allowed
b) Negative Labels
c) It's all over syndrome
d) Wrong wall

When creating a mission statement, one preparation method was known as The Retreat. Which of the following is a description of this method?
a) Plan a large chunk of your time to go to a place that you enjoy and think deeply about what is important to you.
b) Collect 5 of your favorite quotes.
c) Fun “10 question” activity that we completed that helped you get in touch with your deeper self.
d) When you write down 5 things that are very important to you.

What is it called when you speed write about your mission statement for 15 minutes?
a) Put it in Pen
b) Brain Dump
c) The Great Discovery
d) Brainstorm

How many keys to goal setting are there?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Control your own destiny or someone else will is also known as
a) Be Proactive
b) Begin with No End in Mind
c) Put First things First
d) Begin with the End in Mind

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