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All of the following were goals of imperial nations in the late 1800s and early 1900s EXCEPT _____.
a) winning new markets for manufactured goods
b) finding skilled labor to work in factories
c) learning other peoples' culture
d) finding places to build new factories

An area in which an imperial power held exclusive, or special, trading rights was called _____.
a) a proctectorate
b) an open door territory
c) a sphere of influence
d) free trade zone

Which nation took the lead in expanding imperialism in Southeast Asia in the 1800s?
a) Great Britain
b) Germany
c) the United States
d) Portugal

Which of the following lands did French imperialists claim in 1884?
a) Australia
b) Singapore
c) New Zealand
d) Vietnam

Which nation purchased the Suez Canal in 1875 and later made Egypt a protectorate?
a) France
b) Belgium
c) Great Britain
d) the Netherlands

What were the only two African nations that remained free of European control in 1914?
a) Union of South Africa and Morocco
b) Liberia and Ethiopia
c) Algeria and Congo
d) Gold Coast and Nigeria

Which two European nations claimed the most land in Africa?
a) France and Germany
b) Great Britain and Belgium
c) Germany and Belgium
d) France and Great Britain

Which of the following was the first big territory that the US bought from Russia?
a) Hawaii
b) Guam
c) Alaska
d) Puerto Rico

Which of the following was a result of the War of 1898, also known as the Spanish-American War?
a) increased Spanish territories
b) decreased US as a world power
c) an end to debate over imperialism
d) increased US foreign investments

Who was the president that oversaw the building of the Panama Canal?
a) William McKinley
b) Theodore Roosevelt
c) James Monroe
d) William Seward

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