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This is a word part found at the beginning of a medical term.
a) Prefix
b) Word Root
c) Combining Form
d) Suffix

This is a word part found at the end of a medical term.
a) Prefix
b) Suffix
c) Combining Form
d) Word Root

This is the most commonly used combining vowel.
a) a
b) e
c) i
d) o

The proper way to write a combining form is which of the following?
a) arteri/o
b) arteri
c) arterio
d) None of the above.

This is the second most common combining vowel.
a) a
b) e
c) i
d) o

This is the definition of the word root, cardi
a) heart
b) neck
c) kidney
d) face

This word means, vomit.
a) emesis
b) cardiology
c) apnea
d) renal

Your instructor's name is:
a) Farah Fawcett
b) Ritchie Cunningham
c) Fred Flintstone
d) Melanie Shearer

Your instructor's phone number is:
a) 987-3364
b) 123-4567
c) 555-1212
d) 1-800-555-1212

The name of this class is:
a) Med Term I
b) I don't know.
c) Who cares.
d) Yuck.

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