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Which statement is true about the moon?
a) We can see different sides of the moon from Earth.
b) The moon makes it's own light.
c) The moon has no gravity.
d) The moon reflects light from the Sun.

The dark areas of the moon where lava flows are called __________.
a) Craters
b) Maria
c) Highlands
d) Regolith

The idea that the same side of the Moon always faces the Earth is called ______.
a) Core
b) Maria
c) Tidally Locked
d) Regolith

Months come from which of the following?
a) The number of days between two full moons.
b) Galileo said each month is 30 days.
c) The moon's revolution around the Earth.
d) The tilt of the Moon.

When the Moon is ________ the lighted part appears to _______ in size.
a) Waxing; decreases
b) Waxing; increases
c) Waning; decreases
d) Waning; increases

__________ occurs when the Moon, Sun and the Earth are in alignment.
a) Phase
b) Waxing
c) Waning
d) Eclipse

________ are the two points when the Moon crosses the ecliptic plane.
a) Waning
b) Waxing
c) Nodes
d) Phases

When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in align, you have a __________ eclipse.
a) Solar
b) Lunar
c) Waxing
d) Waning

When the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in align, you have a _________ eclipse.
a) Solar
b) Lunar
c) Waxing
d) Waning

The zone of full shadow from the Earth is the ___________.
a) Penumbra
b) Umbra
c) Lunar Eclipse
d) Solar Eclipse

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