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Industrial technology was first used in the _______.
a) production of textiles
b) mining of coal
c) production of steel
d) railroad construction

Who invented the steam engine?
a) Eli Whitney
b) James Watt
c) Richard Arkwright
d) Thomas Edison

Which of the following was a result of the improved method of steelmaking known as the Bessemer process?
a) increase in steel prices
b) decrease in coal and iron production
c) decline of mining towns
d) growth of heavy industry

All of the following changes were associated with mass production EXCEPT ______.
a) the use of identical, machine-made parts
b) the use of the assembly line
c) the manufacture of unique, handmade goods
d) a division of labor among workers

The first electric generating station was built by _______.
a) Samuel Morse
b) Alexander Graham Bell
c) Guglielmo Marconi
d) Thomas Edison

Which of the following concepts played the biggest role in the unifications of Italy and Germany?
a) socialism
b) capitalism
c) nationalism
d) industrialism

Which leader used guerrilla warfare in the revolution to unite southern Italy?
a) Giuseppe Garibaldi
b) Louis XVI
c) Victor Emmanuel
d) Wilhelm I

The drive for German unification was led by ______.
a) Austria
b) Lombardy
c) Prussia
d) France

Otto von Bismarck, the leader of the revolution to unite Germany, followed a policy of ____.
a) militarism
b) constitutionalism
c) pacifism
d) socialism

Which of the following is a true statement about Napoleon's huge empire?
a) The military state of Prussia resisted Napoleon's advance.
b) Napoleon controlled most of the European continent.
c) The Italian state of Rome remained free of Napoleon.
d) Napoleon successfully invaded Great Britain and Russia.

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