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QR1 A chainsaw would be an example of which type of resource?
a) natural
b) physical capital
c) human capital
d) non-renewable

QR12 The United Kingdom experiences a milder/warmer climate than it should, considering how far north of the equator it is located. What causes this?
a) the gulf stream
b) the Scottish highlands
c) the alps
d) latitude

RR2 In a ________________________ economy, people usually get products by making them on their own or trading/bartering for them. This type of economic system is becoming increasingly rare around the world.
a) pure command
b) traditional
c) pure market
d) capitalistic

QR13 What are the main causes of the acid rain that affects Germany?
a) farms and forests
b) hydroelectric dams
c) coal-burning factories and automobile emmisions
d) solar power and wind turbines

QR13 Which was an effect of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986?
a) people and animals did not get sick
b) drinking water in the area was unsafe to consume because it was contaminated with radiation
c) forests became healthier than they had been before
d) all the nuclear power plants in the world shut down

QR12 In Russia, the highest population density is found in ____________________________. This is primarily because it is warmer there because of the __________________________.
a) northern Russia gulf stream
b) Siberia (east of the Ural Mts.) latitude
c) Siberia (east of the Ural Mts.) longitude
d) western Russia (west of the Ural Mts.) gulf stream

RR2 In a ______________________ economy, producers and consumers will decide what, how, for whom goods and services will be produced without ANY government interference or regulations (rules).
a) market
b) communist
c) command
d) autocratic

QR14/14-B ________________________ languages like French and Spanish are typically spoken in southwestern europe
a) Finno-Ugraic
b) Germanic
c) Slavic
d) Romance

QR17 Typically, when the literacy rate is high in a country, one can assume that
a) the death rate will also be high.
b) education is NOT readily available to the citizens.
c) the life expectancy of the citizens will be very low.
d) the standard of living will also most likely be high.

RR2 In which type of economic system is the government completely responsible for deciding what, how, for whom goods and services will be produced.
a) capitalist
b) market
c) command
d) traditional

QR14-B Germanic languages such as German and English are most commonly found in the __________________________ region of Europe.
a) northwestern
b) southern
c) southwestern
d) eastern

QR1 The conflict between unlimited needs and/or wants and limited resources is referred to as ____________________________. Economics is an attempt to solve this problem.
a) interdependence
b) cost
c) scarcity
d) gross domestic product (gdp)

QR13 Which of the following is a negative effect of acid rain in Germany?
a) Damage to human/animal lungs.
b) Damage to forests, crops, soil, some buildings/structures.
c) Decreased cancer rates.
d) Cleaner rivers.

QR15-B Christianity, Islam, Judaism are the three most common religious beliefs found in Europe. What do these three religions have in common?
a) They all believe that Muhammad is a true prophet AND that the holy bible is the only true holy book.
b) They all believe that that Mecca AND Rome are holy cities.
c) They all believe in one god AND that Abraham is a true prophet.
d) They all believe in reincarnation.

QR12 This country has become a major center for trade because of it's location off the coast of northwestern europe AND the fact that it is surrounded by unfrozen water year round, thanks to the gulf stream.
a) United Kingdom
b) Russia
c) Germany
d) Italy

QR14 Russian is the most widely spoken _______________ language. This language family is commonly spoken in the countries of eastern europe.
a) romance
b) germanic
c) illyric
d) slavic

QR12 The area of highest population density in Germany can be found around this major transportation corridor:
a) Nile River
b) Volga River
c) Rhine River
d) Mediterranean Sea

RR2 The most common type of economy in the world is a ____________________ economy, in which different aspects of command AND market systems may be included.
a) traditional
b) capitalist
c) mixed
d) communist

QR17 Literacy Rate refers to
a) the amount of professional writers in a country.
b) the % of the population over the age of 15 that DO NOT know how to read and write.
c) the average lifespan of the people in a country.
d) the % of the population over the age of 15 that CAN read and write.

QR17 The economic level of success achieved by a country is referred to as ______________________. It is based on the availability of resources (food, housing, education, healthcare, technology, transportation, etc.) to the population.
a) relationship
b) standard of living
c) services
d) literacy rate

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