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Who would monitor the outbreak of Enterovirus D68 in the US?
a) CDC
b) FDA
c) NIH
d) WHO

Rolling Ridge provides nursing care, Physical Therapy and ADL's. What type of facility is this?
a) LTC
b) Adult day care
c) Hospital
d) Outpatient clinic

To help lower heatlh care costs, a strategy might be to:
a) Visit the doctor more regularly
b) Go to the ER
c) Stay in the hospital longer
d) create an aesthetic environment

To lower health care costs, many patients spend fewer days in the hospital. which option helps reduce the length of stay in hospital?
a) Home health care
b) doctor's office
c) Emergency Room
d) Industrial Care

Which healtcare agency is funded by taxes?
a) Veterans Medical clinic
b) Huff Orthopeadic
c) Community Home Health and Hospice
d) Clinton Urgent Care

When you visit the doctor and have to pay an amount in addition to your insurance, this is called
a) co payment
b) co insurance
c) out-of-pocket
d) deductible

Using robotics to perform surgery is an example of which trend?
a) Technology
b) Epidemiology
c) Cost containment
d) Wellness

A person who cannot take care of themselves would most likely benefit form which facility?
a) Long Term Care
b) Hospice
c) Industrial Health Care
d) Mental health

One cost containment measure is perform minor surgeries at a Surgical Center. This is an example of:
a) Energy conservation
b) Managed Care
c) Outpatient care
d) Preventative Care

What type of insurance will you need when you get Meidcare to help cover the other 20%?
a) Medigap
b) Group insurance
c) Medicaid
d) Out-of-pocket

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