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The standard markup language used on the web
c) XML

What is the term for programming language used to create other languages?
a) Computer language
b) Metalanguage
c) Popup language
d) Hyperlanguage

Who created HTML?
a) Tim Callou
b) Robert Callou
c) Robert Jones
d) Tim Berners-Lee

The default or starting page of a web site
a) Web site
b) Web page
c) Home site
d) Home page

A group of related web pages
a) Web site
b) Web page
c) Home site
d) Home page

The main folder that will hold all of the files for a site
a) home folder
b) root folder
c) sub folder
d) main folder

What type of editor is NotePad++ considered?
a) GUI Editor
b) HTML Editor
c) Text Editor
d) WYSIWYG Editor

Why do you need to use a root folder for your web site?
a) It's just the thing to do
b) To tell others the name of my site
c) To keep files organized and neat so I can find things
d) The web hosting service demands it

What is the purpose of validating a web site?
a) Checks your site to make sure visually disabled people can see it
b) To create more work for youself
c) To automatically fix your errors for you
d) To make sure your code fits the W3C standards

What does rendering mean?
a) Processing
b) Creating a object, Applying changes, and displaying on the screen
c) Creating it only
d) Displaying an object only

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