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What people group did colonist in SC use as slave labor when they first arrived in the New World?
a) Africans
b) Natives
c) Canadians
d) Chinese

What type of economic system did SC have?
a) Communism
b) Trading economcy
c) Industrial economy
d) Plantation economy

Which of the following was NOT brought with Africans to SC?
a) Weapons
b) Drums
c) African Dance
d) Basket Weaving

What was the name of the largest slave rebellion in SC?
a) The Civil War
b) The Boxer Rebellion
c) The Stono Rebellion
d) The Boston Tea Party

What was the first major cash crop grown in SC?
a) Cotton
b) Indigo
c) Tobacco
d) Rice

What cash crop did Eliza Lucas bring to and grown in SC?
a) Cotton
b) Indigo
c) Tobacco
d) Rice

What is the overarching goal of Mercantilism?
a) To grow cash crops
b) To bring slaves to the auction block
c) To make money for the mother country
d) To make colonist a lot of mone so thyey can build and independent nation

What was rice called in SC?
a) The money maker
b) The poor mans' corp
c) Carolina Gold
d) Food for the rich

In Triangular Trade, what did Europe send to Africa?
a) Slaves
b) Goods
c) Raw Materials
d) Sugar Cane

In Triangular Trade, what did Africa send to N. America?
a) Goods
b) Raw Materials
c) Slaves
d) Slave masters

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