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a) you had warned
b) you had been warned
c) you were warned
d) we had warned

recti eramus
a) they had been ruled
b) they had ruled
c) we had been ruled
d) we had ruled

territus ero
a) I will have frightened
b) he will have frightened
c) I will have been frightened
d) he will have been frightened

they have led
a) duxerunt
b) ducti erint
c) ducti sunt
d) duxerint

a) I led
b) I was led
c) I had been led
d) I had led

victus erit
a) he conquered
b) he was conquered
c) he will have been conquered
d) he had conquered

they will have been lost
a) amissae erint
b) amissae sunt
c) amissae erant
d) amiserunt

they have been satisfied
a) satiatus est
b) satiatus eram
c) satiati sunt
d) staiatae erant

she had been seen
a) visus erat
b) visa erat
c) visa est
d) viderat

a) he understood
b) he has been understood
c) he had understood
d) he had been understood

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