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At Irving Middle School, we have a moment of silence out of respect for our country and then we say the Pledge of Allegiance. This is an example of -
a) Participating in elections as an informed voters
b) Self-Reliance
c) Responsibility
d) Patriotism

Ann never cheats on homework or tests. She is showing which trait of a good citizen?
a) Honesty and trustworthiness
b) Self-reliance
c) Patriotism
d) Participating in the school and community

Being able to trust someone with a job or task. Someone who is reliable and will do what is expected of them.
a) Courteous
b) Responsible
c) Respectful
d) Patriotic

Someone who is polite and has good manners.
a) Courteous
b) Trustworthy
c) Self-Reliant

Getting involved at school by joining clubs is example of -
a) respecting the law
b) being held accountable
c) participating in the school or community
d) being an informed voter

Pete did research on the candidates in the upcoming election. After looking at all the facts, he went to the polls and voted for the candidate who had the best ideas. This is an example of -
a) Patriotism
b) Being an informed voter
c) Respecting the law
d) Being respectful

Which of the following traits can be described as: answering for your actions or the actions of those under your supervision
a) Respectful
b) Patriotism
c) Being an informed voter
d) Accountable

Paul and Jake disagree very often. However, they let each other voice their opinions without interrupting and never judge each other because they believe different things. They are being -
a) Respectful
b) Respectful of the law
c) Accountable
d) Patriotic

Someone who is independent of others and able to think for themselves is -
a) Courteous
b) Self-Reliant
c) Patriotic
d) A person who volunteers

Which of the following is an example of community service -
a) Getting an allowance for doing the dishes every week
b) Watching your neighbor's dog for $15 a day
c) Helping to run a fair at the elementary school free of charge.

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