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A(n) ________________________ is a long narrative in a story or poem, about a hero who symbolizes the values of a cultural group.
a) narrative
b) hero’s journey
c) ordeal
d) epic

In this stage of the Hero’s Journey, the hero receives a calling, a challenge, or a quest, and begins his adventure.
a) First Trial
b) Ordinary World
c) Call to Adventure
d) Approach

In this stage of the Hero’s Journey, the hero encounters a person, object, or even a supernatural force that will aid him in his task.
a) Call to Adventure
b) Ordinary World
c) Reward
d) Assistance

____________________ is when the beginning sounds of words are repeated in a line of poetry or a sentence.
a) Assonance
b) Alliteration
c) Consonance
d) Repetition

In the epic Beowulf, _________________ is a monster who presents Beowulf with his First Trial.
a) Grendel
b) Unferth
c) Grendel’s Mother
d) Hrothgar

A culture where strong leaders of kings and their warrior protect their people is called a _________________ culture.
a) epic
b) warrior
c) heroic
d) Anglo-Saxon

____________________ is when the consonant sounds of words are anywhere in words that are close together
a) Repetition
b) Consonance
c) Assonance
d) Alliteration

In this stage of the hero’s journey, the hero returns to the ordinary world, but he has gained new strength and wisdom.
a) Reward
b) Return Home
c) Ordeal or Great Trial
d) Ordinary World

What happens in Beowulfs First Trial?
a) He fights Grendal's mom
b) He

John went to the mall. What is the subject of this sentence.
a) John
b) went
c) mall
d) to the

What is the predicate of this sentence? The cat ran.
a) the
b) cat
c) ran
d) none of the above

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