Age Of Revolution 2 Question Preview (ID: 2088)

Age Of Revolution 2.

Napoleon Bonaparte used his power to change France into an empire. What other change did he bring to France?
a) He raised taxes.
b) He devised a new legal code for France.
c) He ended European wars.
d) He created a bureaucracy based on social class or birth.

After the American Revolution, the next successful colonial revolution in the Americas took place in ______.
a) Mexico
b) Chile
c) Haiti
d) Bolivia

Which of the following groups governed Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America prior to the revolutions of the 1800s?
a) creoles
b) peninsulares
c) mestizos
d) mulattos

Who was the leader of the Haitian revolution?
a) Toussaint-Louverture
b) Miguel Hidalgo
c) Jose Maria Morelos
d) Simon Bolivar

Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar brought independence to all of the following nations EXCEPT _____.
a) Brazil
b) Peru
c) Colombia
d) Ecuador

The Industrial Revolution first took root in _______.
a) the United States
b) Germany
c) Japan
d) Great Britain

Which of the following helped pave the way for the Industrial Revolution?
a) the rise of cottage industries
b) start of the enclosure movement
c) the rise of the domestic system
d) a decline in textile profits

The spread of the Industrial Revolution brought many far-reaching changes to the world. One of these changes was _________.
a) rise of a larger farming population
b) growth of industrial capitalism
c) end of trade unions
d) decline of corporations

Where were most factories built in Britain?
a) next to Atlantic ports
b) within easy reach of London
c) near coal and iron fields
d) along the banks of rivers

Which of the following groups believed that the means of production should be owned by society as a whole?
a) private entrepreneurs
b) socialists
c) capitalists
d) stockholders in a corporation

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