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A ________________________ is a structure used by writers to convey a message to readers
a) point of view
b) literary element
c) literary device
d) literary technique

A literary device used by the writer to give readers a greater understanding and appreciation of the story or text is called a
a) character
b) symbolism
c) literary technique
d) conflict

The perspective from which a story is told is called ____________________.
a) imagery
b) symbolism
c) metaphor
d) point of view

A(n) ___________________ takes the place of a noun.
a) pronoun
b) adverb
c) interjection
d) verb

A _________________ joins words or phrases
a) verb
b) preposition
c) conjunction
d) pronoun

She sells seashells by the seashore. This sentence above is an example of which literary technique?
a) Alliteration
b) Personification
c) Simile
d) imagry

_______________ is the central idea, concern, or message in a text.
a) Protagonist
b) Setting
c) Theme
d) Antagonist

What is the subject in this sentence? The baby cries softly for his mother.
a) baby
b) for
c) mother
d) softly

A _________ is used in place of a period for two sentences where the conjunction has been left out.
a) exclamation point
b) question mark
c) semicolon
d) period

_____________ is when the short or long vowel sounds are repeated anywhere in words that are close together.
a) Consonance
b) Allusion
c) Alliteration
d) Assonance

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