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Which number below is not a natural number?
a) 8/4
b) square root of 81
c) 15%
d) 3 squared

Which number below is not a rational number?
a) square root of 72
b) 1/3
c) 8.5
d) 22%

Which number below is a whole number, and an integer, but not a natural number?
a) square root of 121
b) 50%
c) 6/3
d) 0

Which number below is not an irrational number?
a) pi
b) square root of 18
c) square root of 22
d) square root of 36

Rational numbers are numbers that can be expressed as a __________?
a) repeating decimal
b) ratio
c) terminating decimal
d) all answers are true

Irrational numbers are _____________.
a) ratios
b) repeating decimals
c) terminating decimals
d) decimals that never end or repeat

Whole numbers and their opposites are called _________________.
a) Integers
b) Natural Numbers
c) Counting Numbers
d) Irrational Numbers

Counting numbers are also called _______________.
a) Natural Numbers
b) Integers
c) Whole Numbers
d) Irrational Numbers

Perfect squares are ________________________.
a) rational numbers
b) fractions
c) irrational numbers
d) decimals

When you are multiplying a number by itself you are _______________ the number.
a) squaring
b) adding
c) finding the square root of
d) dividing

When you are finding the square root of a number, you need to ______________.
a) Divide by 2
b) multiply a number by itself
c) figure out what number times itself gives you that number
d) divide by 4

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