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To relate to means...
a) to touch
b) in a lively manner
c) to make a connection
d) to be able to put yourself in another's position

feat means
a) a difficult task
b) the two things you walk on
c) to put in another's position
d) to move around

Vividly means
a) clarity
b) with great detail and in a lively manner
c) to observe
d) to look with your eyes

Characterization is...
a) Thomas' black shoes
b) The author's message
c) How an author depicts a character
d) All the characters in a text

A static character is..
a) A person who shocks others
b) A character who changes
c) Full of electricity
d) A character who does not change

Setting is...
a) Mrs. Passeri's classroom
b) Time and place
c) Where the characters sit
d) The author's message

Motivation is...
a) The reason behind a character's actions
b) Energy
c) Not wanting to complete homework
d) Dillon Brown

The protagonist is...
a) Miss McGill
b) The author
c) The main character
d) The enemy in the story

Theme is...
a) The author's message
b) A story
c) The feeling of a story
d) A summary of the story

Plot is...
a) The setting
b) A point in the story
c) An image in the story
d) The sequence of events

The antagonist is...
a) A person who plays tag
b) The enemy of the main character
c) The main character
d) The readers favorite character

A round character is...
a) A character with several character traits
b) A character with a circular face
c) A character with one trait
d) A character who rolls around

valid means...
a) right or wrong
b) based on good reasoning
c) to show
d) to cite evidence

To perceive means...
a) to observe and understand/ to sense
b) to watch through your eyes
c) to learn
d) to show

To depict means..
a) to show or portray
b) to pick apart
c) to observe
d) to be picked on a team

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