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Vinton Cerf is an important historical figure because he is one of the scientist who created
a) world wide web
b) the internet
c) OSI model

Ray Tomlinson came up with the idea of signaling the server in an e-mail address. He did this by using what sign?
a) @
b) !
c) #
d) ?

the protocol which vinton cerf invented is called
a) IP
c) the mac address

Each network interface card has its own unique address which is called?
a) its street address
b) The MAC address
c) a post office box
d) the computers clock speed

A power supply contains two components. they are rectifier and a
a) rectifier
b) transformer
c) mother board
d) harddrive

windows seven is an example of
a) an application
b) an operating system

The software which turns on and off your computer, stores info on your hard drive, and organizes your info into folders is called
a) an application
b) an operating system

software which helps you to accomplish specific tasks such as writing letters, playing games, creating presentations and databases is called
a) an application
b) an operating system
c) a nightmare
d) a shopping list

ARPA stands for
a) association of retired people
b) advanced research projects agency
c) UFO

A router is found on layer___________ of the OSI model
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

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