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Scientific Revolution French Revolution Latin American Independence Industrial Revolution Growth Of Nationalism. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

During the Middle Ages, many Europeans accepted the incorrect Greek belief in ____.
a) a sun-centered universe
b) gravity
c) an earth-centered universe
d) universal laws of nature

All of the following were astronomers during the Scientific Revolution EXCEPT ___.
a) Nicolaus Copernicus
b) Ptolemy
c) Galileo Galilei
d) Johannes Kepler

During the Scientific Revolution, the heliocentric view of the universe was fist proposed by _______.
a) Ptolemy
b) Francis Bacon
c) Isaac Newton
d) Nicolaus Copernicus

Who came up with the scientific method?
a) Ptolemy
b) Francis Bacon
c) Isaac Newton
d) Copernicus

What is Isaac Newton best known for?
a) his geocentric theory of the universe
b) the discovery of universal laws of motion
c) the invention of the scientific method
d) disproving the ideas of Kepler

All of the following fueled French desires to revolt against the monarchy EXCEPT the _______.
a) ideas of the Enlightenment
b) Declaration of Independence
c) Reign of Terror
d) American Revolution

Which of the following formed the largest and poorest class in French society?
a) First Estate
b) Second Estate
c) Third Estate
d) Fourth Estate

Which of the following was an underlying cause of the French Revolution?
a) a growing French empire
b) unequal tax burdens
c) a law granting peasants more freedom
d) equal land ownership

The immediate cause that triggered the French Revolution was the ______.
a) fall of the Bastille
b) Reign of Terror
c) execution of King Louis XVI
d) return of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen stated the powers of government came from the people, not the king. Who wrote this document?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Marquis de Lafayette
c) Napoleon Bonaparte
d) Robespierre

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