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What is the definition of a caregiver?
a) People who take responsibility for raising children over a long or short period of time.
b) A babysitter
c) A single mom
d) A person who makes food for kids.

What is one thing you should do while searching for a quality child care center?
a) Ask the child care center workers if they do a good job.
b) Assess the options
c) Do what your child wants.
d) Pick the cheapest one.

What is an achievement that happens in different stages of a child's development?
a) life achievements
b) good grades
c) Developmental task
d) life goals

How old is a child usually when they first sit up by themselves?
a) birth- 1 year
b) toddler
c) preschooler
d) elementary schooler

What is one example of intellectual development.
a) playing sports.
b) crying
c) eating
d) learning abc's

How do children learn best?
a) taking tests.
b) repetition
c) playing
d) the internet

When a child plays by themselves
a) independent play
b) parallel play
c) fun
d) cooperative play

child plays the same game with other children.
a) cooperative play
b) independent play
c) sports
d) parallel play

child plays a different game but sits beside another child
a) cooperative play
b) independent play
c) parallel play
d) companion play

What is one of the 3 basics of babysitting?
a) feeding the child junk food
b) Know how to get in touch with the child's parents.
c) independent play
d) doing the child's homework

What is one reason having a resume is important.
a) none of the below.
b) because it looks cool
c) to show parents how irresponsible you are
d) To give potential customers information

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