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English is an example of a _________________________ language. This is the most widely spoken language group in Europe its speakers are typically found in the central northwestern regions of the continent.
a) Romance
b) Finno-Urgraic
c) Slavic
d) Germanic

Which of the following would be an example of a service?
a) Babysitting
b) Truck
c) Hamburger
d) Both A and C

Supply Demand determines what how goods/services will be produced, without any government interference, in this type of economic system.
a) Mixed
b) Market
c) Command
d) Communist

Which of the following was established by the government to help reduce air pollution in the United Kingdom?
a) an exclusion zone was created around London
b) solar power has become mandatory
c) smokeless zones were created in London
d) on high pollution days, businesses must close down

What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders?
a) the location of the Alps, which are defense against other countries
b) the location on the Mediterranean Sea with access to Africa, Asia, other parts of Europe
c) the small amount of arable land in the country
d) the warm air from the Sahara Desert, which creates a warm, dry summer for most of Italy

Spanish, Italian, and French are all examples of _____________________ languages, which are typically spoken in south/southwestern Europe.
a) Slavic
b) Romance
c) Germanic
d) Illyric

The three most common religious beliefs found in Europe today are
a) Judaism, Islam, Hindu
b) Christianity, Islam, Muslim
c) Judaism, Christianity, Islam
d) Slavic, Germanic, Christianity

______________________ is the study of how people manage their resources to produce, distribute, consume needs and wants.
a) Interdependence
b) Scarcity
c) Economics
d) Civics

Which of the following would be considered an example of a natural resource?
a) Coal
b) Computer
c) The knowledge skills of a basketball coach
d) Scissors

A carpenter built a birdhouse. This is an example of a __________________ and a __________________.
a) producer service
b) consumer good
c) consumer service
d) producer good

Christianity is the most widespread religion in Europe. What are the three main types of Christianity found in there?
a) Roman Catholic, Baptist, Judaism
b) Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Lutheran
c) Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Roman Catholic
d) Eastern Orthodox, Luthern, Roman Catholic

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