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What was the name given to Lewis and Clark's expedition?
a) The Corps of Jefferson
b) The Corps of Discovery
c) Le Vine's Journey of Discovery

Why was Sacagawea a unique traveler on this journey?
a) She was the only Native American
b) She was allowed to vote and had a baby along the way
c) She knew how to speak French

Why did Lewis and Clark need Sacagawea's help
a) They needed an Indian translator and help crossing the Rocky Mountains
b) She had traveled this route many times before
c) They paid her a lot of money

How did this expedition change America?
a) Thomas Jefferson thought it was too dangerous to have Americans live out west.
b) New maps helped people travel west and settle the land
c) Americans now knew where Native Americans lived
d) France wanted to go to war to get their land back

What made Clark a good person for this journey?
a) He was a skilled outdoorsmen and in the army
b) He read many of the books about the west before he left
c) He was Thomas Jefferson's friend
d) He was an educated scientist

What made Lewis a good person for this journey?
a) He was an excellent scientist
b) He had been to the west before
c) He was a skilled outdoorsmen and in the army
d) He was not a good person and was useless

What new information was found on the expedition?
a) water route to the Pacific
b) California was an island
c) The Rocky Mountains were the smallest mountain range
d) 200 new species of plants and maps drawn of land/rivers

Why did Napoleon sell Louisiana Purchase to the U.S.?
a) It was too far away from France
b) He needed money for France to fight wars
c) He was afraid Thomas Jefferson would attack the port
d) He was friendly with Thomas Jefferson

What goal was not accomplished on Lewis and Clark's journey
a) Map new lands
b) Find the Northwest passage
c) Record new plants, animals, and Native Americans

Why was New Orleans important to the United States?
a) needed a new capital for the country
b) It was close to Texas
c) was an important port city for American farmers
d) It was Thomas Jefferson’s favorite place

Explorers hired by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase
a) Lewis and Clark
b) Sacagawea and York
c) Louis and Clack
d) Lewis and York

Land west of Mississippi River bought by President Thomas Jefferson
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Louisiana Buy
c) New Orleans
d) California

Ruler of France
a) Napoleon
b) Jefferson
c) King George
d) Ms. Le Vine

Place where boats can bring and sell items
a) crops
b) Mississippi River
c) ports
d) Appalachain Mountains

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