Membranes And The Nucleus Question Preview (ID: 20862)

This Review Game Covers Topics On The Nucleus And Cell Membranes.

In cellular membranes, why do the tail ends of the lipid molecules face toward each other?   
a) The tails are hydroponic.
b) The tails are hydrophilic.
c) The tails are hydrophobic.
d) The tails are hydrophosphoric.

Which cell type is BEST described by the characteristics listed below? • contains genetic material in a circular loop known as a plasmid • derives energy from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) • is found in rod, conical, and spiral shapes
a) eukaryotic cell
b) prokaryotic cell
c) nuclear cell
d) haploid cell

Which of the following correctly lists the cells in order from simplest structure to most complex structure?
a) eukaryotes, prokaryotes, viruses
b) prokaryotes, viruses, eukaryotes
c) viruses, prokaryotes, eukaryotes
d) viruses, eukaryotes, prokaryotes

Which characteristic do scientists first consider when classifying cells as either eukaryotic or prokaryotic?
a) a membrane-bound nucleus, which is exclusive to eukaryotic cells
b) a membrane-bound nucleus, which is exclusive to prokaryotic cells
c) chloroplasts, which are exclusive to eukaryotic cells
d) chloroplasts, which are exclusive to prokaryotic cells

Which organelle generates MOST of a cell's adenosine triphosphate (ATP)?
a) nucleus
b) chloroplast
c) mitochondrion
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Which cellular structure performs the following functions? • supports and shapes the cell • helps position and transport organelles • assists in cell division and cell movement
a) cell membrane
b) cytoskeleton
c) cytoplasm
d) cell wall

Which membrane-bound organelle do plants use to capture light energy?
a) chlorophyll
b) chloroplast
c) thylakoid
d) mitochondria

During protein synthesis, ribosomes are assembled in the nucleolus, pass through the nuclear pores into the cytoplasm, and then bind to an organelle for further modification. Which organelle do the ribosomes bind to in this final step?
a) Golgi apparatus
b) mitochondria
c) lysosome
d) endoplasmic reticulum

Once proteins are moved to the Golgi apparatus, what is the role of this organelle?
a) to use proteins as an energy source
b) to link amino acid chains to proteins
c) to process, sort, and deliver proteins
d) to protect proteins from bacteria

Based on the fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane, which type of molecule can move passively across the membrane, without the aid of proteins?
a) charged molecules
b) large polar molecules
c) macromolecules
d) nonpolar molecules

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