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How many month are there in a Jewish year?
a) 12
b) 6
c) 13
d) 10

How many days did it take Hashem to create the world?
a) 6
b) 7
c) 5
d) 10

On day 6 Hashem ceated...
a) night and day
b) sky and sea
c) Sun, moon and stars
d) land animals and humans

What do we call the 7th day?
a) Rosh Hashanah
b) Rosh Chodesh
c) Shabbat
d) Sunday

What is the first month of the Jewish year?
a) Nisan
b) Adar
c) Tishrei
d) Chanukah

When does the Shabbat begin?
a) Sunday night
b) Saturday night
c) Friday night
d) Monday night

When does Shabbat end?
a) Saturday night
b) Friiday night
c) Sunday night
d) Thursday night

On Shabbat, we
a) Make kiddush
b) blow the shofar
c) go to work
d) watch TV

Yom Rishon is...
a) Wednesday
b) Monday
c) Thursday
d) Sunday

On the third day of creation, Hashem made...
a) light and dark
b) fish and birds
c) land and sea
d) animals and humans

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