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A specialized cell through which water enters the sponge is called a(n)
a) pore cell
b) amebocyte
c) spongocoel
d) collar cell

What is the name of the middle layer of a sponge that contains amoeboid cells?
a) mesenchyme
b) spongocoel
c) osculum
d) ostia

Which cells undergo meiosis to make sperm?
a) amoeboid cells
b) collar cells
c) pinacocytes
d) pore cells

Another name for the spongocoel is the
a) epidermal cell
b) osculum
c) central cavity
d) spicule

Since a sponge is an animal, the sponge will take in oxygen but release ______ as a waste product.
a) toxins
b) carbon dioxide
c) sulfur
d) nitrogen

The purpose of a spicule is to
a) support the sponge
b) provide oxygen
c) allow water to enter the sponge
d) produce toxins for the sponge

The cells responsible for the distribution of food, oxygen, and waste are called
a) spongin
b) porocytes
c) amebocytes
d) collar cells

The space within the sponge is known as the
a) gemmule
b) spicule
c) spongocoel
d) osculum

The opening at the top of a sponge where water exits the sponge is called the
a) gemmule
b) spicule
c) spongocoel
d) osculum

What word refers to how sponges actually transport oxygen, nutrients, and waste? throughout the cell?
a) diffusion
b) sessile
c) spongin
d) none of these

What is another name for a choanocyte?
a) gemmule
b) collar cell
c) pore cell
d) pinacocyte

What is used the internal support (the skeletal system) of a sponge?
a) spicules and gemmules
b) spongin and collagen
c) gemmules and collagen
d) spicules and spongin

The word Porifera means
a) pore bearing
b) diffusion based
c) filter feeding
d) multicellular organism

Which flagellated cells move water currents through a sponge?
a) amoeboid cells
b) pinaocyctes
c) gemmules
d) choanocyctes

The outer opening of a porocyte (pore cell) is called the
a) ostia
b) osculum
c) spongocoel
d) collar cell

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