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which dialog box in ms word 2010 is used to quickly locate a specific character, word or phrase in a document?
a) search and replace
b) word search
c) character search
d) find and replace

which term refers to placing a copy of an item from ms word 2010's temporary storage location clipboard into a document?
a) paste
b) move
c) insert
d) glue

which term refers to making a duplicate of an item in a document and placing it in a ms word 2010 temporary storage location until it is needed?
a) move
b) cut
c) copy
d) collect

placing this in a document refers to moving the information to the right of its current location
a) backspace
b) insertion point
c) paragraph mark
d) indent

which ribbon consist of the commands to accept or reject document changes?
a) insert
b) home
c) review
d) reference

which ms word feature automatically inserts dates and other regularly used information into a document?
a) autocheck
b) autodictionary
c) autocorrect
d) autocomplete

which area of the ms word window contains frequently used commands that may be utilized with a single click?
a) file tab
b) home ribbon
c) quick access toolbar
d) new dialog box

what is the method of dividing a ms word window into two parts so that different section of the same document may be viewed at the same time?
a) split
b) arrange
c) tile
d) navigate

Which refers to the blank space that appears around the top, bottom and sides of the document?
a) gutters
b) tab area
c) font size
d) margin

Which command in the Quick Access toolbar is used to reverse to the last action taken in preparing a document?
a) reverse action
b) back
c) undo
d) clear

Which ms word feature corrects common typing errors?
a) spell check
b) auto correct
c) auto check
d) auto spell

which ribbon has the most frequently used command?
a) file
b) home
c) view
d) insert

Which method is used to insert a new lines into a document?
a) arrow down
b) use the enter key
c) use the tab key
d) use the insert key

Where is the zoom slider control located in the MS Word 2010 window?
a) view ribbon
b) home ribbon
c) status bar
d) title bar

What is the name of the MS Word 2010 feature that offers an optional display showing symbols indicating a tab, space or use of the Enter Key?
a) Word symbols
b) formatting symbols
c) show or hide feature
d) formatting characters

Which is not a document that is created using Microsoft word 2010?
a) letter
b) reports
c) spreadsheet
d) memo

Microsoft word 2010 is what common type of application software?
a) presentation
b) text editor
c) spreadsheet
d) word processing

what is the result of pressing the enter key?
a) new paragraph begins
b) word wrap begins
c) a tab is open
d) ribbon is opened

which term refers to changes made in a document that affect the visual appearance of the document?
a) styling
b) formatting
c) designing
d) perfecting

when the current line in a document is full. which ms word 2010 feature automatically moves text to the next line?
a) typewriter mode
b) word mode
c) word wrap
d) text wrap

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