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Which Spanish conquistador captured the Inca Empire in South America?
a) Francisco Pizarro
b) Vasco da Gama
c) Hernan Cortes
d) Francis Xavier

Which of the following European countries built plantation colonies in what is now the Southeastern region of the US?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) England
d) France

Trading post empires were the most loosely controlled settlements. The largest trading post empire in North America was built by ___________.
a) the Netherlands
b) France
c) Portugal
d) Spain

Plantation colonies usually prospered in what type of climate?
a) warm
b) cold
c) hot and dry
d) rainy

Which of the following best describes the relationship between English colonists and Native Americans?
a) They tried to convert them to Catholocism.
b) They lived among them and learned their languages.
c) They pushed Native Americans off their lands.
d) They traveled deep into Native American lands to trade for furs

In what is now New England, English settlers mostly built ______.
a) plantation colonies
b) settler colonies
c) trading posts
d) factory towns

All of the following took part in the African slave trade EXCEPT ______.
a) African kingdoms
b) Muslim traders
c) European traders
d) Native Americans

At first, Europeans tried to solve the labor shortage by using ______.
a) indentured servants
b) enslaved Africans
c) enslaved Native Americans
d) free Africans

Enslaved Africans protested bondage in all of the following ways EXCEPT by _____.
a) running away
b) rebelling
c) taking control of slave ships
d) giving up their African heritage

What policy did China and Japan follow because they did not like Europeans bringing their culture and religion to Asia?
a) expansionism
b) mercantilism
c) isolationism
d) globalism

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