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the term stop during reciting the quran is called
a) mad thabii
b) tajwid
c) tartil
d) waqf

this is famous person during Firaun Regime known as the Architect
a) Dzul qarnaen
b) Aroon
c) Juraij
d) Haaman

this is the where the story of the cave located
a) Al Kaahf
b) Al Buruuj
c) Al Maaidah
d) Al Fill

Surah Al-Insan is contained of...
a) 31 ayat
b) 67 ayat
c) 56 ayat
d) 21 ayat

who is the writer of revelation text or the secretary of Prophet MUhammad PBUH?
a) Abu Bakr
b) Umar ibn Khattab
c) Saad bin Ubadah
d) Zaid Bin Haritsha

what is the longest Ayat/verse in the Qur'an?
a) surah 001:005
b) surah 003:005
c) surah 002:282
d) surah 002:89

in which surah is the Bird - Man speaking to King Solomon PBUH?
a) An Naml _the ants
b) Al Baqarah_ the female cow
c) Al-Jinn_Genies
d) Saba'_ the Lemurians

How many ayat contains the word Tabuut in the Qur'an
a) 101
b) 12
c) 2
d) 5

Joseph is the son of Prophet...
a) Abraham
b) Jesus
c) Moses
d) Jacob

Ka'bah is located in
a) Makkah
b) Madeenah
c) Iraq
d) Iran

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